Clinical Research for Laboratory Medicine: Initial Feasibility Intake Review Form

Purpose: To evaluate the impact of the proposed project on Sonora Quest Laboratories, LLC (SQL) and/ or Laboratory Sciences of Arizona, LLC (LSA) (a subsidiary of Banner Health) facilities and personnel prior to project submission.

Instructions: Complete all required fields on this form. Incomplete forms may be rejected. The SQL/LSA Research Committee will review the form to determine project feasibility. If the project receives initial approval a second, more detailed project-specific feasibility form will be sent to the Principal Investigator (PI)/Study Project Lead for completion and submission. The completed study specific form will be reviewed by the SQL/LSA Research Committee. A determination will be made and the project PI will receive an outcome email stating the ability of the laboratory to support the project. Both initial and secondary laboratory approvals are required to move forward with submission of the project to the appropriate research oversight committee.

Project/Study Type Definitions: Click here to view the definitions for questions 23 through 28

Do not include any proprietary or confidential information on this Intake Form. If you need to share proprietary information with us regarding your proposed research project, please email ResearchIntakeDashboard@sonoraquest.com and we will provide a secure method of transmission.

Sections marked with an asterisk (*) are required

Principal Investigators/Study Leads are required to have current CITI certification prior to the start of a research study that will involve collecting protected health information (I.e., scholarly projects, clinical trials, etc.).

NOTE: Refer to definitions at the beginning of this document to assist you in your selection.

If you are the individual completing this form and are not the study PI or study lead, please provide your contact information below.